Doğtaş from Past to Present

In 1972, the father Hacı ALİ DOĞAN enters the furniture sector by founding Doğan Mobilya.

In 1987, through incorporation, six brothers establish Doğtaş A.Ş. in Biga. While it was a small atelier with an indoor area of 800 m² in its initial years, it markets the furniture groups it has produced in its own store launched in Çanakkale.

In 1989, Özparke A.Ş. door and parquet factory is purchased.

In the years between 1989 and 1992, the Çan, Çanakkale, and Bandırma branches are launched.

In the year 1992, the company increases its capacity while having built new buildings and imports high-technology machinery from Italy and Germany. With this investment, Doğtaş has made one of the greatest investments in the sector.

As of 1993, the company starts to give franchises.

In 1994, the company makes its first export to Albania.

In the year 2000, the company had 30,000 m² indoor areas.

In the year 2002, the annual production capacity was raised to 1,500,000 m².

In the year 2003, €3,000,000 was invested in machinery. The same year the company acquired ISO 9001 Certificate. Doğtaş acquires TPE-certified Industrial Design Registration Certificate.

In the year 2005, the indoor area is increased to 70,000 m² through $10,000,000 investment in “Bed, Sofa and Bed Base factory” investment.

In the year 2007, it shifts to Medical device class by acquiring CE Certificate for all its beds, and its quality and certificates are registered through numerous international certificates such the LGA Certificate indicating high quality and safety in Teen Rooms.

In consequence of an intense examination and evaluation made by the State in July 2008, it is included in the TURQUALITY support program for the firms in line for becoming a global brand.

Entitled to get “TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate” in year 2010 which is granted for the first time to the furniture sector by Turkish Standards Institute and became one of two establishments having this certificate

By piecing together the successful designer in different fields in order to distinguish himself further from the competitors and expanding the target customers and turn the design-fashion-trend into a reality in April, 2011, Brand concluded agreement with World-renowned fashion designer Atıl Kutoğlu, style and fashion adviser Ece Sükan and Italian Architect Federico Delrosso by the end of 2010. Each designer designed 2 products for Doğtaş. With the Publicity Party in the Rahmi Koç Museum in 19 April 2011, “They are in Doğtaş” project is announced in all main media.  This innovative project has welcomed with a great interest. 

As of today;

Doğtaş within Doğanlar Grup operating in such sectors as Furniture, Energy, Health, Retail Trade is a company,

Exporting over 92 stores in 65 countries;

Operating almost 130 franchise and concept stores at selective districts and markets at home, reaching an area of 3000 m² on average;

Included among the top 500 companies of Turkey, and rising to the 3rd rank in furniture export in its own sector;
And to the top 3 at home as a furniture brand in terms of turnover;

Supporting education, cooperating with TEMA, and making financial and material contributions in numerous areas such Doğtaş Theater and Mobile Museum with the social responsibility awareness;

And acquiring the approval of its consumer and the public, which has been certified with numerous design, service, consumer and quality awards, and regenerating each year, the company is continuing to grow on its modern and distinguishing line.